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Sacramento and Northern CA

Northern California is home to more tech start-ups and companies than any other region in the country. Sacramento's proximity to Silicon Valley coupled with its relative affordability has made it a hub of new tech transplants.

Northern California, renowned for being the cradle of countless tech start-ups and companies, reigns supreme as the tech capital of the country. The region's rich ecosystem renders it a nurturing ground for the blossoming of apprenticeships. With the meteoric rise of tech enterprises and the ensuing surge in talent demand, Northern California has been spurred to think outside the box in diversifying and enlarging talent reservoirs beyond conventional means. This places the region at the zenith for unearthing opportunities for a diverse spectrum of individuals aspiring for a career in technology.

Amongst its localities, Sacramento, renowned for its rich diversity, is experiencing a marked ascendancy as a haven for technology enterprises and professionals. The city's advantageous proximity to Silicon Valley, coupled with its relatively cost-effective living standards, are contributing factors to its rising status. Transitioning from its historical designation as a “government town,” Sacramento now flourishes as a multifaceted hub, excelling in sectors such as agriculture, technology, and healthcare.

At the forefront of this transformative movement, Rob Sanger serves as the Executive Director of the Innovation Hub within the region -- focusing on cultivating a community that adeptly bridges the gap between employers and potential candidates, with apprenticeships serving as an integral mechanism.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the flourishing environment that Northern California, particularly Sacramento, offers in terms of innovation, technological prowess, and the development of diverse talent, we extend an invitation to connect with Marilyn at

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