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In the United States, there is a significant gap between the demand for talent and the number of qualified workers. Over 10 million jobs go unfilled every year, while millions of people remain unemployed or underemployed. Apprenticeships can help bridge this gap by expanding job opportunities for job-seekers and significantly broadening the talent pool available to employers in high-demand occupations.


To ensure broad-based support and inclusive practices, the Apprenticeships Building America program has been established to create Innovation Hubs across the country. With the support of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), these Hubs will serve as a catalyst that allows communities to create, build, and sustain innovative workforce development ecosystems.

Working Together

What is a Registered Apprenticeship

A Registered Apprenticeship, endorsed by the U.S. Department of Labor or State Apprenticeship Agencies, is more than just a career path - it's an investment in the future. For employers, this industry-driven initiative is an invaluable tool for nurturing a skilled and competent workforce tailored to meet specific industry needs. By participating, employers are effectively building a solid foundation for their business to thrive.

For apprentices, the benefits are multifaceted. They embark on a rewarding career journey where they earn while they learn. The program’s structure allows them to receive a salary as they gain hands-on experience, and witness steady growth in their earnings. Additionally, apprentices benefit from a well-rounded education through classroom instruction. What sets Registered Apprenticeships apart is the acquisition of a nationally recognized credential which is not just a testament to their skills, but is also transferable, opening doors to a myriad of opportunities across industries.

Today's Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs) act as a catalyst in bridging the gap between employers and aspiring professionals. Through RAPs, employers gain seamless access to a rich and diverse talent pool that is equipped to take on roles across the board, from entry-level positions to leadership.

RAPs are not just beneficial to individuals and businesses, but they are also a boon for the nation’s economy. By aligning talent with demand, RAPs contribute significantly to reducing unemployment rates and fostering a more prosperous and resilient workforce.

Key elements of all RAPs include the following:

Industry Led - Programs are industry-vetted and approved to ensure alignment with industry standards and that apprentices are trained for highly skilled, high-demand occupations.

Paid Job -  Apprenticeships are jobs! Apprentices earn progressive wages as their skills and productivity increase.

Structured On-the-Job Learning/Mentorship - Programs provide structured on-the-job training to prepare for a successful career, which includes instruction from an experienced mentor.

Supplemental Education - Apprentices are provided supplemental classroom education based on the employer's unique training needs to ensure quality and success.

Diversity - Programs are designed to reflect the communities in which they operate through strong non-discrimination, anti-harassment, and recruitment practices to ensure access, equity, and inclusion.

Quality & Safety - Apprentices are afforded worker protections while receiving rigorous training to equip them with the skills they need to succeed and the proper training and supervision they need to be safe.

Credentials - Apprentices earn a portable, nationally-recognized credential within their industry.

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