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Don't know how your skills match a role?  Review the cards to find out!

Customer Success Manager

  • Teaching is my super power!

  • I anticipate the needs of others

  • I don't like to make people wait

  • I enjoy helping people solve problems

  • I put myself in other people's shoes

  • People say I am a good teacher

Web Developer

  • I see the world in RGBA

  • I have strong feelings about fonts and colors

  • Websites should be both beautiful and functional

  • I seek feedback

  • I never take shortcuts

  • Excellence is in the details


Support/Help Desk

  • Multitasking is my middle name

  • I enjoy helping people

  • I type faster than I can think

  • I know how to make connections online

  • When I get a message, time stops until I reply

  • I'm just a phone call away

Office Operations Manager

  • I never run out of toothpaste

  • I anticipate other people's needs

  • Running a Zoom meeting is a walk in the park

  • I'm always 15 minutes early for everything

  • I'm comfortable juggling multiple tasks

  • If it's not on the calendar, it doesn't exist

  • I keep the trains running on time

Data Analyst

  • Numbers are my friends

  • I don't believe anything until I see the data source

  • Visualizations can save a thousand words... and numbers

  • Excel is a walk in the park

  • Data analysis is storytelling

Software Engineer

  • The best way to predict the future is to invent it

  • All thinking occurs outside the box

  • Math has always come easy to me

  • P3: Patience - Perseverence - Problem Solving

  • I think, therefore I am

  • I am good at problem solving

Business Development

  • Win, win, win, no matter what

  • I could sell you a rock

  • Rejection doesn't scare me

  • I always have a game plan

  • I build connections easily

  • I'm not easily discouraged

IT Specialist

  • I'm my family's "Tech Guru"

  • I can take things apart and back together

  • Give me the manual, I'll fix it

  • The devil is in the details

  • I put myself in other people's shoes

  • I like to see how things work

Digital Marketing Manager

  • I'm here for the likes

  • I probably spend too much time on Instagram

  • I understand the why of every SuperBowl commercial

  • Everything is a brand

  • I'm creative and data-driven

  • The path to perfection is iteration

QA Engineer

  • Bugs don't stand a chance around me

  • I enjoy factory and city-building games

  • I always find broken features in apps

  • Performance is important to me

  • I am happy when things just work

  • I don't let the same bug bite me twice

Cybersecurity Specialist

  • You would never guess my passwords

  • Encryption is my friend

  • I don't let anything fall through the cracks

  • I don't procrastinate

  • I'm always prepared and vigilant

  • I never use free WiFi


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