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San Francisco Bay Area

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Key features of a professional apprenticeship include:

Work Experience: 

Education and Training: 





Apprentices work full time to gain practical skills an knowledge relate to a specific professional profession. 

While working full time, apprentices also receive formal on-line education.

Apprenticeships have a fixed duration, during which apprentices work towards achieving a set of competency standards. The length of an apprenticeship can vary depending on the industry and the complexity of the skills being acquired.

Apprentices work under the supervision of experienced professionals who serve as managers and mentors, guiding them through the learning process and providing feedback.

Apprentices are full time employees and paid for their work. Wages may be lower than those of fully qualified workers. The pay may increase as the apprentice progresses and acquires more skills. 

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, apprentices relieve a national credential from the Department of Labor. 

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Northern California, renowned for being the cradle of countless tech start-ups and companies, reigns supreme as the tech capital of the country. The region's rich ecosystem renders it a nurturing ground for the blossoming of apprenticeships. With the meteoric rise of tech enterprises and the ensuing surge in talent demand, Northern California has been spurred to think outside the box in diversifying and enlarging talent reservoirs beyond conventional means. This places the region at the zenith for unearthing opportunities for a diverse spectrum of individuals aspiring for a career in technology.

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